on site services

Our St. John’s & Goose Bay locations have been created with the customer in mind. The showrooms are set up to provide easy access to each size of garment or boot so that when personnel arrive to get fitted for their PPE, there is no delay. Our warehouse is fully stocked so that when a rush order is required, the employee could potentially leave our building with a full kit bag in a matter of minutes. We also stock a full range of everyday workwear, high visibility clothing, and worksite safety equipment to suit any and all of your needs.


We have on-site embroidery at our St. John’s location to personalize your garments on the spot. We have both Nomex and Polyester threads, so regardless of the garment type, you can have employee names or company logos almost anywhere on the garment itself. It takes about 5 minutes to add an employee name to a coverall.



Fire Extinguisher Recharging

Our Goose Bay location stocks and services fire extinguishers. We also offer in-house recharging for all extinguisher types. Please call (709) 896-3836 for details.

history of mwg newfoundland ltd.

In November of 2013, MWG Newfoundland Ltd. opened at 566 Water Street in downtown St. John’s. This location is stocked with not only quality MWG garments, but also has high visibility and consumable PPE in order to serve our local customers quickly and efficiently.

labradorite safety & industrial services ltd.

In June 2014, MWG NL opened it’s sister company in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador. Located at 345 Hamilton River Road, Labradorite Safety & Industrial Services is quickly being recognized for it’s product selection and fast & friendly service.

cgsb certification

Certification provides the assurance that all the components including fabrics, thread and fastening systems have been tested by accredited labs and have met the criteria for protection against FlashFire as set out in CGSB155.20. Only components that have had the lab test reports verified by CGSB on an annual basis can be deemed to be listed as certified.

MWG Apparel Corp. of Winnipeg is the ONLY manufacturer of Flame Resistant clothing that is entitled to display the CGSB Certified label in our clothing.

If at any time it is found that the components of the finished garments do not pass subsequent testing, CGSB can and will pull the certification.

In comparison, other garment manufacturers state that their clothing “Meet the performance requirements of CGSB155.20.” There has been no verification of this claim and the only person declaring that the garment meets the standard is the person sewing the label into the garment, with NO third party verification. These other garment manufacturers merely rely on the fact that fabric mills test their fabric in accordance with CGSB criteria and then leave you the purchaser and wearer of protective clothing to decide if the garment meets the standard or not.